Products and services

1. Business Simulations and Model-based Learning

Our Business Simulations, conceived and developed either independently or in close cooperation with the clients, and realized by our technology partners on various software platforms, can be classified as follows, based on their different management education objectives:

  • Business Games: complex software applications characterized by algorithms that allow the users to interact with a simulated market environment and compete among themselves or against the computer.
  • Tutorials: software applications made of linked models which guide the users through the phases of a business process.
  • Stand-alone Decision Support Systems: spreadsheet-based applications focused on the analysis of specific decision-making contexts.
  • Self-assessment Tools: models that allow the assessment of professional and company profiles, providing feedbacks and guidelines for improvement
  • Teaching Cases and Notes: built around the stand-alone models and contextualized with business specific data.

2. e-Learning and Blended-learning Programs

We design and develop, in close cooperation with the clients, and in collaboration with our technology partners, e-Learning programs, either stand-alone or complementing custom-made, standardized, or third-parties’ Business Simulations. We realized various multimedia and e-Learning applications since the mid-nineties, normally in the context of blended-learning programs, targeting different types of users and covering most of the companies’ managerial functions, in addition to some cross-functional products such as an introduction to quantitative methods for management. We also conducted in-depth research projects aimed at identifying the best predictors of success in the adoption of e-learning, based on the characteristics of the target users.

3. Management Education Programs and Tools

We conceive, design, develop, and manage, in close collaboration with the clients, Management Education Programs, frequently built around custom-made, standardized or third-parties’ Business Simulations and supported, in any case, by interactive teaching methodologies that facilitate the development and consolidation of diagnostic and decision-making skills. For some public and semi-public clients, we have been developing and managing various courses or modules in the context of long-term management education initiatives such as Master Degree and Executive programs, for more than twenty years.